Sampoorna Vimukti

Sampoorna Vimukti is the demand for total liberation from members of the Denotified, Seminomadic and Nomadic Tribes (DNT) to get full citizenship and dignity, and freedom from stigma of being labelled as “born criminals”.  The National Alliance group of semi-nomadic, nomadic and denotified tribes formed a Ground Level Panel on the issues that concern these communities. The members belonged to families living below the poverty line and currently facing discrimination as a result of their denotified status. The report is based on Panelists’ own experience of poverty and discrimination as well as the analysis and inference of data collected from 174 respondents across states on the Sustainable Development Goals. Further, the Panel directly presented their findings and inferences to policy makers and civil society groups. The report generated after this process can be read here.

A video was also made during this participatory Ground Level Panel, which can be seen here.